This Fishermen village, demo site of the COAST Project is determined to leave behind its reputation of a “dirty village” and gets ready to become the next Ecotourism destination in Cameroon.

Located 15 kilometers north of Kribi, Londji is the largest fishermen village and fish market in Cameroon. The village showcases a vast diversity of peoples and ethnic groups, as the dynamism of the fishing activity has attracted communities from West Africa throughout the years. The community is heterogeneous but integrated.

This bubbling activity gave Londji the name of “le petit port” (the little harbor) as many merchandises arrived to the country by this village.  In the 70s, Londji with its wide white sand beaches was appointed by former president Amadou Ahidjo as a tourism development area.

However years passed and little was done. In the other hand, illegal activities, bad roads, and inappropriate waste management gave Londji a bad reputation. However, it kept its renown as the “most beautiful bay of Cameroon” in most international guides (Bradt, Petit Futé) but lost much of its appeal as a tourism destination. In week days, it is hard even to have a meal in the area and, although the seashore has known in recent years the edification of villas and residences, there is little benefit for the village. Attracted by fishing activities, few youth have developed a tourism vocation.

The COAST project, aware that waste management and poor sanitation was a real risk for the health of Londji’s inhabitants consolidated through regular participatory meetings a community group that took the responsibility of regularly cleaning the beach, and coordinating the development of new ecotourism products. The subjacent idea was that “A clean environment keeps illness away and attracts tourists”, and it worked. The group recently received its agreement as a community tourism operator under the name of “LONDJI ECOTOURISM”.

Additionally, the project values ongoing conservation efforts regarding mangroves, and aims at creating tourism products based on it, such as mangrove walks and boat trips. The position of Londji as the main fishing harbor north of Kribi gives the village a lot o

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f potential as a departure point for sea boat trips to virgin unexplored beaches in the Lokoundje and Nyong estuaries.  In an increasingly urbanized Kribi this coast becomes an oasis of paradise pristine beaches and wetlands, where manatees and dolphins can be spotted in some periods of the year.

The goal is to give tourists visiting Kribi a good reason to do an additional excursion, stop in Londji to buy some fresh and smoked fish, or simply relax in the beach. Specific trainings in tourism handling are envisaged to build capacities of locals, in upcoming months.


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